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Looking after your crocodile skin products

Crocodile skin items are famous and well sort out as a luxury item. The items can be costly due to being made from real crocodile skin. Below we have written some tips for you on how to look after your products in the most effective way.

1. Avoid from the direct sunlight

- The leather from a crocodile is very rare and fine, therefore the aftercare of your products is very important. It is recommended to store your products in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to avoid your products from drying out. The heat can cause damage to your products which can affect the natural shine.

2. Keep products in protective bag where possible

- At The Real Crocodile Skin Company all products come in a 100% suede bag which is there to protect your products.

- When not being used we recommend keeping them in the protective bags to keep the appearance of your products. This will also prevent your products from becoming scratched or damaged.

3. Cleaning of your products

- We recommend cleaning your products with a soft dry cloth, this will prevent your products from becoming damaged or scratched. If products become marked use a light damp cloth to wipe then dry with a soft cloth.

4. Keep your products away from harsh chemicals

- We recommend that you do not use any harsh chemicals on your products and keep away from any fumes. The best way to do this is to keep your products in its protective bags at all times when not in use.

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